Our Service

The service we offer differs from others. At SIISA we want to be your strategic partner, put in our specialized hands the administration of your staff through our services:
This service allows your company to concentrate on the functions in which it is most effective, delegating the administration to a third party. We offer the next advantages:
We totally or partially absorb every process involved with the payroll, from the control of the labor files and maintenance of it, until the payment to the employees in each period. We offer the next advantages:
Business Law
Our legal department aims to provide security, support and legal advice in the development of the activity of your company, we have lawyers who are updated day by day in the matter. We offer the next advantages:


Elaboration of Utility Report

This obligation is eliminated since the company does not have employees.

Workers are entitled only to the distribution of profits of SIISA, its sole employer.

Legal Advice
SIISA has the services of prestigious offices, which will advise and represent our clients in the face of the Conciliation and Arbitration boards or any competent labor authority at no cost.
Increased Competitiveness
It is benefited by only operating with the required personnel based on the needs of the company, market or season
Decrease of Administrative Burdens

Signing of Work Contracts: Individual and Collective.

Representation before the local and federal boards of Conciliation and Arbitration in any Entity.

Calculation and Payment of payroll.

Payment of State and Federal Taxes.

Payment of compensation to employees at any location.

Increased productivity
It increases when working only with the ideal staff, regardless of those employees who do not meet the profile or the objectives for which they were hired.
Elimination of labor liabilities
The labor liability is eliminated since, as we become surrogate patterns, your company ceases to have workers

Our Procedure

In case there is a union, SIISA will agree with them for the implementation of the service and labor counseling. We are constituted as surrogate patterns before all authorities, recognizing seniority and general conditions of work by the company, workers are registered with the IMSS as employees of SIISA. We assign workers to serve your company. SIISA is solely responsible both legally and financially for the staff, but its DIRECT HEADS are still those designated by the company.